Moving Day

So we loaded up a trailer in true "Clampett" style...

Hey guys, you forgot something!!!

Saying goodbye to The Crazy Dog

Goodbye, goodbye, good friends, goodbye!

See you later, traffic and rain!

The Daddy drove the whole way!

We made it safely to our "temporary" house in Florida. Because our house sold so quickly in Atlanta, we're staying in a two-bedroom apartment until we can find our new "home." We're looking for a HOME NOT a house, and we want to do it right. The right schools, the right space, the right feel...etc. Gonna take our time.

The Crazy Dog stayed in Atlanta with The Daddy's parents until we can find the right home. An apartment is no home for a crazy dog his size! I will now have to clean up the floor after mealtime...

SIDE NOTE: Nothing can make you feel older than moving into an apartment with kids. Especially in a downtown "loft-like" urban area. It's a little more hip than me!

Today I took the girls to The Daddy's new office to meet all his new co-workers, and then we set off to our new church to get the girls registered for Preschool and MDO. They are both excited to make new friends and be at the same school now. Well, AE wasn't too keen on HJ coming to HER school, but it will be a LOT easier on Mama!

Think we're heading out on Friday to take a look at some homes for sale. I drove around today to do some "window shopping." Lots of lakes. Lots of parks. Lots of brick-lined streets=slow driving! Love the feeling, though. The large oaks dripping with Spanish moss are to die for and so charming. Can't wait to see what God has in store for The Phillips here!

In God's fashion, we arrived in our new town yesterday with the promise of something new and special. He sent us several rainbows overhead (literally) and we can't wait to share with you all the fun and cool new things in our lives!


Tara G. said...

Hooray! We do the same thing with housing and I will pray right alongside you that He places you in just the right home where you can be ministered to and a minister to someone!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

YAY!! So exciting for you all!
That's great about the schools and it sounds be-you-tiful!! Hooray for a successful move!

Lisa said...

I hadnt checked in in a couple days because I was sure you'd be too busy AND off line. But I was thrilled you had updates on your move and new space!

Yeah, I canNOT imagine our lab in an apt either!

The nice thing about online friends is you dont have to say goodbye because someone moves away...I'm glad!