Major FAIL

Despite moving to Florida, I can't give up the tradition of The Pink Pig and seeing Santa at Phipps.

So true to tradition, I tried to stay up late, late on Tuesday night to begin the online registration process for Santa. Rut-ro! We moved on Tuesday and couldn't get our Internet to work. Wednesday morning, I used my phone to get on the Internet and make our appointment.

And then it happened.

I made a horrid mistake.

I made our appointment for Friday, November 27th at 6:00 pm.

What is special about that date, I ask you?

The IRON BOWL, as in Auburn v. Alabama, as in never gonna happen.

I gasped as I realized the pot of hot water I was in. MAN!

This year, you can't just go in and make another appointment. NOOOOOOOOOOO! I tried to email the "webmaster" with an urgency he had never heard, "PLEASE change our appointment to the next day!"

No go.

I paid $15 to make an appointment for Santa and my husband won't even be there! That's okay. I'm sure Nana will. And $10 goes toward our picture purchase. I CAN'T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS MADE THIS SAME MISTAKE!?!

Sadness, but the tradition will continue...

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