Spanish moss, see!

We had the playground all to ourselves this morning.

Swing, swing, swing...

And as soon as we were hot and sweaty, headed home for lunch, three carloads of kids and moms arrived.

So much for my plan.

Oh, my plan?

Meet moms at the playground. In the area we want to live. Get scoop on homes for sale. Get inside info on who wants to move and let us move in!

We're going house hunting with our Realtor tomorrow!


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You can do it! Accost those moms and force the info out of them!!

The Harris' said...

That is exactly what happened to my mentor Melissa. She found her "Perfect" house but it wasn't on the market. She asked the Brocards if there where any other houses that might be going on the market soon and that is how she ended up with her "Perfect" house before it was even put on the market. Good luck and have fun tomorrow!! Love ya! Give my girls hugs for me.