And We Met Some Characters

Our host for the weekend:

Hugs all around:

Oh, Mickey changed clothes!

And Minnie matched!

Pluto was funny; he surprised AE!

And he posed for the camera:

Then she gave him a kiss! (Don't think about the germs. Don't think about the germs. Don't think about the germs.)

Daisy was as sweet as could be:

Love the backdrop!


Donald, the dude:

Chip came along and stole AE's seat at dinner!

She was not happy about it:

But she forgave him:

HJ was excited to see him. (That's her "biggest smile.")

Dale gave AE a high five for being a big eater!

And he and HJ got into a blowing-kiss-off!

Goofy is SUPER TALL! (Taller than The Daddy)

What a lovely surprise! Thumper!

And his lady Miss Bunny!

I couldn't stop marveling at their cuteness! They even hopped a little!

Then we had dinner in the 100 Acre Wood.

HJ giving Piglet five:

Nana's favorite:

HJ stroked Eeyore's ear.

Tigger was really fast!

We finally caught up with Pooh.

HJ gave him a kiss!

And we said goodnight, Pooh Bear:

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