So, We Saw Some Princesses

If you asked either of my little girls, they would each say this was their favorite part of Disney:

First we met Ariel:

AE could not stop looking at her sequined "tail"!

Over at Animal Kingdom, we ran into Pocahontas:

She was the prettiest of the princesses!
(I don't think the real one would have a manicure like that, though!)

When we went back to the Magic Kingdom, we found three in a row!

Cinderella was the nicest!

I love HJ's posture when chatting with Belle!

Sweet smiles!

Sleeping Beauty brought out the smiles in the girls!

And a hug to last until our next visit. Note AE's grabbing her chest!

Sorry, Aurora!


Krysta said...

Have the stopped smiling yet? It looks like you had a lot of fun.

Tara G. said...

How sweet!!! They look like they have had the time of their lives!

Kelli said...

Love all the pictures!!! What fun!

Janelle said...

Can't wait to show these to AK--she'll love them! Such sweet pics!!