Playing Catch Up

Usually when I'm not saying much, I don't have nice things to say.

It's been a little quiet around here, but I'm ready to be cheery again!

The Daddy and I met with our contractor, building supplier and architect this week. I feel confident that this house and this neighborhood will be a great home for our family. I'm trying to get over myself and my visions of WHAT I THOUGHT our new home would be like.

I was WRONG.

We close next Friday. It will probably be another 2-3 weeks before we can move in. Hopefully the flooring and doors will get done, and we can move all our "patiently-awaiting-in-storage" belongings into our new home.

Needless to say, my mind is going a mile a minute about how to arrange furniture, what new furniture we need, what fabrics to choose, what can I make, what can I paint, what can I this and that and EVERYTHING under the sun. I haven't begun to lose sleep over this, but I need to chill out and wait until we are in the house before I, uh, we make any big decisions.

I DID purchase 10 yards of fabric from Joann this week. Originally $39.99 per yard. When The Daddy came home on Tuesday, I asked him if he wanted to see what $400 of fabric looked like?

He looked and said, "But what did you pay?"

Because he knows me so well. I would NEVER spend $400 on fabric. Unless I was getting 400 yards.

I spent $30.

{Insert happy dance here.}

Not sure what we're going to do with it, was $30. The bedroom and dining room are possibilities.

In other news, HJ spent a lot of the week peeing in panties. We had a week of unsuccessful potty introduction~can't say training because SHE LEARNED NOTHING BUT WHAT WET PANTIES FEEL LIKE.

We'll give it another go next month.

I also registered AE for her new school. Yes, her third school this year. The school the girls are at is too far from our new home, so come January, expect ANOTHER first day of school post.

HJ will stay home with me instead of going to school. We will bond. We will learn new things. We will love each other and spend lots of time together.

AE's new school didn't have any openings for HJ, but we'll be set for next year as this school is DIFFICULT TO GET INTO. It's been open for 55 years. Many students' parents went to school there. IT IS A GREAT SCHOOL, and I can't wait to get them settled in there. In the Fall. Sigh.

It got cool this week, specifically Thursday when I needed a scarf. Highs in the 60s, folks!

This Saturday, we met our friends from Nashville down at the Disney Beach Resort and got to take advantage of the pool. In November. I'm not going to lie; it was nice.

The Daddy also picked up some FREE tickets to Disney, so we joined our friends over at the Magic Kingdom for a full day of entertainment. The Daddy had his acting debut! Belle selected him at her story time to play The Beast.
Here she is pointing out The Daddy as her choice for The Beast!

The Daddy in his costume.

The Daddy dancing with Belle! Should I be jealous?

Now, he's a prince!

The "cast" taking a bow.

The girls got to meet Belle afterwords.

Great smiles!

HJ rode her first roller coaster! Evidently we failed to check and see if she was tall enough last time. Ooops!

AE rode Thunder Mountain twice and we were THE MOST HORRIBLE PARENTS and took them on The Haunted Mansion ride. No nightmares last night, though. I think we're in the clear!

Cinderella made a wish and her Fairy Godmother granted it. She lit the castle up with white Christmas lights! All while we ate hot dogs and fries.

It was really cool to see how the park had changed in just two weeks from the last time we were there. At Halloween, it was decked out in pumpkins and harvest glory. NOW it is all ready for Christmas!

Today we're spending the day at home to recover from a nap-less weekend. Pray for us!


Chad said...

Don't be surprised if I win an Oscar for that performance.

Katie said...

Glad to hear you are well. How fun about that fabric! Keep us posted w/ pics, etc. on your decorating! I have somethings in the works for our home (Bella's big girl room, our room, etc.) but still looking for ideas : )