We Gave Thanks and Raked Leaves

Since The Daddy and I got married in 2002, my father, Poppy and brother, Matt typically have joined us for Thanksgiving at my in-laws' house. This year it was a smaller crowd, but a thankful one!

This turkey makes me smile!

This one didn't eat much, but she smiled a whole lot.

This turkey raked leaves for the girls to play in.

It was almost just as fun to gather the leaves.

My turkey self just snapped away, enjoying the cold Georgia air.

AE carried this big leaf around the whole time we were outside.

HJ helped make the pile bigger with The Crazy Dog not far behind.

She landed IN the leaves often!

But AE continued to make the pile bigger,
preferring to be "in charge" rather than be a "jumper."

Here they are working together, like good sisters do.


The ONE time AE joined HJ in the pile.

With loads to be thankful for, we gathered together and spoke to far away loved ones on the phone, wishing they were close by. Love to all!

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