Did You Know That We Have Two Girls?

Day #3: Go to a Mall and Ride a Pig

I've blogged about it before, and we do it every year. Y'all don't have to go ride a pink pig train, but find something in your town that happens every year and DO IT.

Don't complain about the lines. Don't complain about the price. ($3.00 per child per ride~print out a coupon for 2 for 1 rides M-Th!) Just take your kids because they will love it.

They don't know how silly it is. (Or maybe they do and that's why they like it.)

It only has to happen once to become a tradition.

It will bring a smile.

And foster goodwill to all men. Or pigs.

Someday your kids can take their kids.

And laugh at how funny you looked in that little train car.

They'll never be this age again.

And neither will you!

Scroll to the bottom of THIS POST from last year to see what picture we used as our Christmas card. Hmmmm.

Pink Pig? Christmas? The connection? There really isn't one, it's just a holiday tradition! Now go find one in your town!


Lindy said...

I can remember riding the Pink Pig when I was about five years old with my Great Grandmother Cook back when it was Rich's Department Store! I still have pictures somewhere, I need to go find them!

Tara G. said...

Atlanta is one of my favorite cities! What fun! Sometimes I wish we'd stay put so we could go to the same place year after year!

Amanda Hoyt said...

Looks like fun!
Love that smile that HJ gives :)
Too cute!