The Christian's Answer to What's Your Favorite Book?

Every Christian is supposed to answer, The Bible, but how many Christians read it every day?

Don't answer that.

What I'm getting at is, what a bad little Christian I am to start this journey with Santa, gingerbread houses and riding a swine train!

Granted, I didn't start the list of 25 Christmas traditions with the intention of it being a list of 25 things. I'm just working my way through.

Y'all know I'm not doing each of these things on the actual day I blog about them, right?

So, anyway...

Welcome to my in-laws' house:

Angles sing! Beautiful! Let's admire how beautiful and welcoming it is. I'll give you a few hours.

Ok. So right inside the front door, there's this pretty buffet. On top is a small tree with ornaments from vacations Nana and Papa have taken through the years. (There's even one of Mickey Mouse, from our recent excursion with them to Disney!)

Inside the buffet is a treasure. Can you see it?

There He is. Here's where we should have started this journey.

Nana let the girls help her set up the nativity. It's breakable, but she let them touch each wrapped piece and guess what it was.

There they are lit up and all bending toward The Child, Our Dear Savior.

In our house, we haven't acquired an "adult" nativity set yet. We're still working with our Little People version. See pictures of the girls with it last year HERE. We hid baby Jesus until Christmas morning. This year, He's already waiting for us to come back to celebrate His birthday!


Tara G. said...

What a beautiful nativity. Up until this last year, I only had a small creche (I think that's what they're called!)- just Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. When my Granny died, I asked if I could have her nativity and my aunts and uncles were so gracious to let me have it. We loved putting it out!

Carrie said...

I love this post. The nativity scene is beautiful and like you, all we currently have is the Little People version, but one day, when my baby is past the hands-off-breakables stage, I would love to have one as beautiful as this one.