If I Send Them Out TODAY...

they'll get there by ________________.

Day #8: Getting the Christmas Cards Done!

Most years, getting the "right" Christmas card picture is nothing short of torture. This year was easy. We went to Disney World and got our picture taken. Our card read:

Merry Christmas
from Our New Home

The only reason I got them out early was that I wanted everyone to have our new address so we could stay on every one's lists!

I was going to show you our Christmas card pictures through the years, but instead what follows is a huge dose of reality.

Here is a big ol' bunch of Christmas card failures:

The Crazy Dog attacks!

Nice expression Mama! The Daddy holding onto The Crazy Dog. AE looks like she's doing her business.

One word: snot.

HJ eating leaves.

Merry Christmas? NO.

We DID get a terrific picture of The Crazy Dog that day.

Fun with photo editing.

Don't run away or smile, please!


Uh. Not happy children.

Wouldn't stay in the chair. Nope. Not for anything last year.

And that's why this was last year's picture:

I love to compare our pictures from year to year to see how much the kids have grown.

Merry Christmas, Y'all!

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susanv said...

This was fun! I might have to do a similar post. That picture with three eyes really creeps me out.