Just a Couple Things On My Mind

When I got back in town last night, we drove up to our new house so I could see how the new flooring and doors look {great!} and to see our city light the big tree in our cute downtown. We missed the tree lighting, but the girls got to see the craziness of our new neighbor's house.

Y'ALL! The Daddy's short video DOES NOT DO IT JUSTICE. It is nuts. Lots of flashing. Lots of motorized and moving parts. Lots of layers of gaudiness.

Didn't see it? Go HERE.

So when we pulled in the driveway, AE began shouting, "It's a small world! It's a small world! Over there at the neighbor's house. It's a small world!"

She really thought it was like the ride at the Magic Kingdom. Funny kid.


I thought we'd be moving into our new house on Friday, but the moving company said Saturday. Much easier! Could you imagine me trying to direct the movers with two preschoolers under foot?


The Daddy bought a new mouse for our computer, and I'm in heaven. It's magic.


HJ pee-peed a little in the potty today at school, though I was not there to witness it AND she denied it. Her teacher said it happened, so I believe her.


An overwhelming number of you said the little girl's name in The Nutcracker is Clara. Our program at the performance said so, too. The movie version (with Macaulay Culkin) and book we have said "Marie." Isn't that weird?


Any of y'all have bar stools or recommendations for bar stools? We need 3 for our new house. Soon.


Totally random post. Here's a cute pic for your trouble:


Tara G. said...

I like the saddle seat stools and saw some on Overstock that came in sets of 2. I also like some of Ballard's. What a precious photo! Get yourself a clipboard so you can mark off boxes as they come in the door! How exciting! :)

Katie said...

I agree about the saddle seat stools. We have 4 and love them! I think Bed, Bath & Beyond as well as Linens & Things might have them... we got ours at Grand Harbor Imports but I think they've all closed now.

Love the picture ~ can't wait for ones like that of our 2 little ladies : )

Anonymous said...

i just bought some from Overstock.com. they have tons of styles and great prices too! i ordered mine on the 30th & they were delivered (free) within 4 days!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

You are so funny!
I have gotten several stools that I love from Pier 1 in the past. Nothing specific, but I've always enjoyed theirs.

Janelle said...

overstock has good ones, as does Ikea actually. we got some for my parents there and tehy are more traditional looking and not "Ikea looking" (which is so not my mom, nor you it seems like).
So random, chris got me a new mouse today and it is rocking my world, love it! it's the little things people...