Red Tongues, Real Smiles

Day #16: Make them think they're baking cookies

AE's class is having a cookie exchange tomorrow at school as part of their Christmas celebration. So we baked cookies today.

Because we just moved, I made things as easy as possible. I bought a mix.

Let each girl mix.

So proud.

Gave each girl her own little "pat" of cookie batter.

Then they each went to town with the sprinkles.

My word, the sprinkles!

A few made it onto the cookies.

A few were left on the counter.

The top "cookie" is AE's.
The other "cookie" is HJ's.

We had so much fun! Those treats are waiting in the refrigerator for The Daddy.

After the girls had their fun, I baked the REAL cookies for the cookie exchange.

I added red coloring and rolled the balls in red sprinkles.

While the cookies baked, I unwrapped a few of these.

Each girl got one. Me, too.

Then I added those kisses to the cookies.

Only after I was done and cleaning up did I realize that the red sprinkles are cinnamon flavored. Yuck. Chocolate and cinnamon?

You decide: happy accident or disgusting disaster?

(I haven't found our real camera since we moved, so these high-quality phone pictures will have to do. I'm sure The Daddy knows where it is.)

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