It's a Fire Truck...No, It's Santa's Sleigh!

Day #17: Wait around for something to scare the living daylights out of your children and MAKE THEM WALK TOWARD IT

Today was AE's Christmas party at school. She did her cookie exchange, made ginger bread houses and cried because I packed HJ's peanut butter and jelly sandwich in HER lunch bag. What's a mom to do?

Around lunch time I stopped back by HJ's classroom to surprise her teacher with a Christmas present that all the moms pooled together for her. She was overwhelmed and amazed. It was a lovely moment. I shed a tear or two.

Miss Vanessa is a young woman in school who wants to go into full-time missions. Her mother died last year of cancer, and she's been having car trouble. She loves Olive Garden, rock candy and Bath & Body Works, so we made a basket for her and also gave her an envelope of cash to get her car fixed.

Both the girls had their last day at school today, but we hope we'll be seeing Miss Vanessa again soon. She will be our Go-To-Girl when we need a babysitter down here!

This evening I baked a red velvet cake only to mash it up to make THESE. Have you ever had them? It's my first time making them, and I hope they turn out.

Then I got the girls ready for bed, but threw them a curve ball by making them put on socks and shoes. I tweeted about what our city's fire department does each year earlier this week and tonight was the night.

As soon as we opened the front door for the surprise, the fire engine turned on the sirens and this was what was behind the engine:

Santa's Sleigh!

It stopped in front of my next door neighbor's house, so I was able to subtle-y sneak in a few pictures of their house:
(Side yard displays not included.)

Back on our front porch:
Don't you love it?

I said, "Give me your biggest smiles!"

Thanks to the folks who weighed in on Santa a few days ago.

My feelings were spawned by Jaime's post. If you haven't read it, go over and visit her to get her take on the subject. She's my friend who went to Africa on the same mission trip as us. Love her and her family: their adoption became official and complete TODAY! It's a great story of God's plan, so get clicking! Read their story. (Scroll to the bottom to start at the beginning.)

And if you're in Atlanta, Jamie and her husband are excellent photographers!

*this is NOT a paid advertisement! they're just our friends!

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{ jamie } said...

Wow, thanks for all the links! :) And yes, we're SO excited about Lindsey's adoption being final!

What a neat thing y'all did for Miss Vanessa, too. And I've never heard of a fire department doing something like that but I bet it made a big impression on the girls!