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Day #18: Gather Holiday Recipe Favorites

When I opened up the bag of treats AE was sent home with yesterday, I panicked when I saw this:

I thought, "Oh, NO! I never sent in a recipe. They must have asked for these before we enrolled AE. Surely, I did NOT miss a note sent home asking for a recipe."

Then I turned the page and read the first recipe by the other little girl in AE's class:

Evidently, her mother feeds her healthy foods. Fourteen hours IS a little long to "warm" your turkey sandwich, though.

Here is AE's "recipe":
I thought she did really well. She even knew the oven should be set to the very precise "so hot" setting.

Then I turned the page to read this little boy's entry:

It especially delighted me to see him refer to Wal-Mart as "WalMarts"!

This project was so cute, and if I ever get pushed into being a ROOM MOM, I'll remember this activity as a great send home idea. Remember when our church did something similar about God's Rules? Same kind of hilarity.

Love it.


Caroline said...

This is too cute!

Carrie said...

What a great idea! How much fun is it going to be pulling this out years from now to show your kids? Priceless!

Anonymous said...

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