Baby Bumps

Feeling the love, folks! I got my wish and got to hear from a couple of y'all that I knew were out there, but have been silent. Now, for the rest of you lurkers... :)

My mother-in-law called to see if she was one of the ones to which I was referring! HA! I told her she didn't have to comment because she always calls and gives her comments live over the phone.

Thanks so much for all your well-wishes. We are so blessed to be expecting our third child. I thought I'd take a minute to answer all the typical "So, you're pregnant!" questions.

When is the baby due?
Mid-September; AE's birthday is 9/22, so hopefully well before her special day!

Will you find out the sex of the baby?
We did not find out the first time around, and I LOVED not knowing! We DID find out the second time around and that was nice, too. We will more than likely find out as soon as we can.

Do you want a boy?
Of course. I also want a girl. I want both, either, whoever God has blessed us with. He knows what we need! AE is convinced it's twins. A boy AND a girl, if you ask her!

Will you post pictures of your baby bump?
Simply put: no. You'll thank me! Although there are two little girls who would like to show you theirs...


Ashley said...

Cary, I am so happy for you. I too am expecting and looking forward to reading your blog all the way through. Your girls are gorgeous and no matter girl or boy the baby will be a blessed member of your adorable family. My due date is August 8th and this will be my second. Can't wait for your future posts!
Ashley Austin Byrd

Tara G. said...

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that there is indeed another woman out there who does not want photos of her pregnant self spread around for all the world to see! I think those who do look absolutely adorable, but I just don't like them of me. :) So I feel validated. ha! The girls look SO cute!!!! Hope you're feeling fine!

Janelle said...

HAH! Too funny, the girls "bumps". :)

Kelli said...

I think pregnancy is AWESOME!! I am thrilled for you!!!

Carrie said...

These pictures are priceless! I know you're girls must be thrilled. Just think of all the little mommas you will have helping out (: Congrats! Congrats!

Kari Beth said...

congratulations! so excited for you!

Beth Edwards said...

Love the pictures of the girls "bumps"!!! Twins that would be something. Sending prayers for all of you during your pregnancy!

H-Mama said...

Hi, I'm coming over from Lisa @ Blessed. You have such a beautiful family... and those belly pix of your girls are priceless! ;) Congratulations to you and your family.