A Simple Update


I knew it would make a difference, but look at this:

Waffle Weave Empire v. Linen Drum

Wowza! What a difference!

Thanks to Rhoda, who suggested the update!


Caroline said...


Chris said...

LOVE the new ones!!! Such an improvement.

Lori said...

Amazing, LOVE the new one! The whole dining room is beautiful and your fabric choices are too!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Oh, I LOVE the update!! See what a difference those new shapes make. Glad you found some that would work for your DR. And speaking of that, I can't wait to see your changes. Love the toile, I have had my toile drapes for 8 years now & still love them. They're classic.

So sorry you didn't make it to the framing workshop, I know you would have loved it. You were sweet to post that old pic from last year, that was so much fun too. You're a sweetheart! Oh, and BIG congrats on the new baby. I'm so excited for you. If you ever get over to B'ham, let me know.