Can We Play Dress Up?

It's the question I hear every morning,

and I never know what they'll come up with!

I do believe she said, prior to donning the lamb's mask, "It's raining and we have to make my hat beautiful to stay dry."

I love the leg warmers/rain boots/bag-as-skirt combination.

That's the bonus room behind her, our current catch-all room until construction begins to make it our new master suite.

Two sisters. Too cute. Too creative.


Janelle said...

That's how I begin the morning too! Oh if only our girls could play dress up...the fun. :) Such sweet pics as always. :)

Janelle said...

and by "how I begin the morning" I mean, the first thing I hear as AK says it...

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hey! Your kids are just too cute. I'm not going to Scotts this time, but will be at the framing thing on Sat. Are you thinking about coming to that too?? I hope you do come, it would be fun to meet up with a bunch of bloggers & I have a feeling there will be plenty at the framing seminar with Eddie. I'm also going to the Gift Mart on Friday, so I'm killing a LOT of birds with this trip. I hope you'll come!!

And, here's a tip for you, I do believe Layla will be at the framing thing too. :)

PS If you're not reading Centsational Girl, you must check her out too.

Allison Shops said...

How cute! I remember those days. Lots of dress up went on with two girls. DS even got into it with his Ninja Turtle many moons ago!