For Prosperity's Sake

Here's a photo journal of our Christmas holiday:

At Nana and Papa's house ready to head to church on Christmas Eve

HJ bumped her head

Poppy arrived from Florida just before we left

Christmas Eve dinner

Just about the only bite she ate!

The next morning finding gifts from Santa! That's the ONE THING AE asked for, a Tinkerbell jewelry box. All she wanted, but NOT all she got!

HJ with her Snow White doll from Santa


Just the beginning of the "Nana Claus" presents

Love this picture of the JOY of giving! See Nana's face!

Paw paw


Papa totally surprised!


Uncle C. was a present himself!

Uncle Matt Matt gave the girls

some pom poms

to do some cheers (see him in the background?).

One little Tiger and one Volunteer!

Poppy bought the cheerleader uniforms, and the girls did not change for 24 hours (except to sleep!).

After opening all our presents, we curled up to watch Up.

My dad and brother both came in town to spend Christmas at The Daddy's parents' house. I'm so thankful how well our two sides of the family get along and how willing they are to share the holiday with us!
We hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


{ jamie } said...

Love the girls' Christmas dresses and those pj's! :)
Happy New Year to you all!

Janelle said...

So sweet! Cute, cute jammies!!! Where are they from?

Lisa said...

Love the girls' dresses and jammies. I think I may have to buy matching jams next year. Looks like a perfect time! Happy new Year!

Amy Riley said...

Your girls are so adorable - and you too!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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