Christmas Eve: The Daddy's Family

Day 24: Candlelight Service, Big Meal and Party Crackers

It's Christmas Eve morning and we're about to become a full house at my in-laws. Uncle C. came from California last night, my dad and my brother are driving in from their respective states. All the bedrooms are full. There's no room at the inn.

This afternoon, we'll go to "our church" for the candlelight service. The Daddy and I have done this together for the past 8/9? years. After church we'll come back to a house buzzing with a party atmosphere and Christmas goodies that abound this time of year. The Daddy grandparents will be there, too.

And we'll have punch. Shrimp cocktail. Sugared pecans, roasted seasoned nuts, pralines, cranberry pistachio shortbread cookies, ham, marinated broccoli and tomato salad and a myriad of other treats and staples.

We'll eat and laugh.

We'll wear our crowns from our crackers.
(ever done these before?)

We'll tell jokes.

We'll eat some more.

We'll see our girls' eyes light up with excitement that TOMORROW is finally Jesus' birthday!

If you don't remember my family's traditions, go back and see how different our family's Christmas eve traditions are.

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