And I'm Tired

While Nana visited with the girls and me for the last five days, The Daddy enjoyed some time out with the boys in Utah skiing. He got to have some quality time with his dad, brother, uncle and lots of long-time family friends.

The Daddy, Papa, Uncle C.

Deer Valley-it's gorgeous and I really missed not getting to eat the salad bar there getting to ski!

Nana and I enjoyed time with the girls eating, shopping, playing, watching movies and going to Sea World. AND I TOOK NARY A PICTURE during her visit. I took a few naps instead.

Needless to say, we've been busy around here and I'm exhausted. I want to leave you with the few iphone pictures of our life recently.
The Daddy installed a new garage door opener by himself. I DID NOT HELP HIM ONE BIT. Yes! Still need to run the wires through the attic, but I was impressed that we now have an operating garage door again.

The girls were invited to a birthday party.
See "Florida Brody"? (as opposed to "Georgia Brodie") It was his birthday!

The girls loved the inflatable slide and the pirate bouncy house!

Every time HJ slid down, she cracked me up by sitting up so prim and proper-like.

COOKIE CAKE. It was big and almost ALL of it got eaten.

I may or may not have had three pieces (so that's where those six pounds snuck in on me!)

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Kelli said...

Love when our hubbies do things like install garage door openers!! Enjoy the cravings!!