Apparently, I've Been Busy...

gaining six pounds in the last two weeks!

Our first house-guest arrived yesterday. Yea! It's Nana! She's here with us for the next five days or so and the girls couldn't be happier.

I had an appointment with the ultrasound machine this morning which gave us our first view of who I will be referring to as "Baby C." Healthy, strong heartbeat. Measured perfectly at eight weeks, three days old.

Can you see Baby C's head? The white arrow is pointing to the head. You can make out an arm bud, leg bud and just a hint of a tail. I even got to see Baby C move. I didn't say anything until the tech was like, "Did you see that? What a strong active baby!"

Say hello to the world, our little wonder!


Kelli said...

Such a compelling example of God and his never ending goodness!! I am sooooo excited for your family!!

Kristen said...

How exciting! Such a precious experience!

Amanda Hoyt said...

So awesome! Congrats! So sorry I missed your first announcement of this pregnancy (I've kind of been MIA with my 20 week old :(!)) Hope you feel well - I'm praying for you guys!

Lisa said... it! Thank you God!

I was "struggling" with the baby itch all this week...seeing this picture helped not at all. How can I have the baby itch when I have a six-month old and we said we are done?? Does it ever go away?

Love the dog conversation. :)

Tara G. said...