A Quick Little Tour...

of our lives' lately as told by the pictures on my phone:

The Crazy Dog is patient:

HJ pretends he's the new baby:

The girls compare tongues:

Post-bank drive thru:

The teller was smart enough to send them both the same color: BLUE!

HJ gets to do fun things with Mama while AE is in school:

She also had a go at potty training:

The glamour gals love a picnic:

In our front yard:

The Crazy Dog got some crazy FLORIDA fleas and was subjected to the "cone of shame":

AE drew this impressive drawing of The Daddy:

I DID take a couple pictures when Nana was here!


I finally got this art framed for the girls' room:

The girls' love flowers from Poppy!


I cut myself some bangs!


Tara G. said...

Wow- you did a great job on that self portrait! The bangs look cute!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Love the bangs!!
Too bad about the cone of shame.
Love the framed pic!
And love the same colored suckers- apparently a mom. :)

Carrie said...

Cute bangs, ma'am! Your life looks as crazy as mine!!! I have to say that surely wearing a sparkly, pink crown while sitting on the potty helps with potty-training. I will have to remember that for Allie Claire!

Bless your poor dog's heart, oh the shame!!!