See More at Sea World

Quickly becoming a Friday night tradition, we joined our new friends Wes and Amy along with their twin boys for dinner at O'Boys Bar BQ. Barrett and Brody are just a little bit younger than HJ so when we all get together, it can get pretty loud.

Wes and Amy asked us what our plans for the weekend were to which my reply was: painting, yard work and stuff. Wouldn't we rather do something F-U-N? They were taking the boys to see S-H-A-M-U, and wouldn't we like to go, too?

Barrett, Wes, Amy and Brody

AE and Renegade

Yes, we took a stuffed animal to Sea World. Renegade is AE's class "pet" who gets to go on many a weekend adventure by coming home with all of Mrs. Wilhite's students. We will write up an account of Renegade's adventures to send with him when AE takes him back to school on Tuesday.

ONE picture of me for the day

A few of The Daddy enjoying some PINK cotton candy with his girls

Renegade thoroughly enjoyed the show from his primo seat!

My favorite show in the Whale and Dolphin theater

Dude is surfing on dolphins!

The dolphins do the best tricks and flips

This show has a Cirque de Soliel feel to it

with trapeze artists, divers and trained birds.

SERIOUSLY, he was surfing on two dolphins through the water!

And then he taught her to do it!

This show has the most action and WOW-factor.

Brody, HJ and Barrett at the underwater dolphin viewing

Shamu's Happy Harbor has fun stuff for even little, little ones

Love how all four of our kids came down together!

Mr. Wes eventually backed up into a man with NO sense of humor!

Renegade was not allowed on the carousel!

The Shamu show is very inspirational

and could make a pregnant woman

a little teary-eyed. Just sayin'.

This trip, we found some more aquariums

that had gorgeous moon jellies that

remind me of someone's alma mater!

I think we passed by these fellows three or four times before we actually stopped to take some pictures.


And we were pretty worn out by the time we got home last night. It was a big day with no naps. For once, I knew more about where we were going than The Daddy (a rare occurrence indeed!). Since we came with Nana a couple of weeks ago, I was familiar with the place and we got to see several things we didn't get to see last time.

The new roller coaster, Manta had a 60-minute wait time, so The Daddy didn't get to ride it on this trip. He and Wes just might pop down there on a long-lunch and give it a few whirls someday soon! HA!

They probably will.


Anonymous said...
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Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos. What a luxury to live close by!

Can't believe you are 12 weeks already!!