A Bullet Would Be Handy Today

So I've been watching a lot of tv (blaming the Olympics, The Bachelor and American Idol) and sleeping a whole lot, too.

Here's a quick recap of what's been going on:
  • So saddened here in Central Florida about the trainer's death at SeaWorld. Very eery since we had seen the Shamu show twice in the two weeks leading up to Dawn Brancheau's untimely passing.
  • My dad, Poppy came for a visit. He also came to babysit! The Daddy and I went to a fundraiser for the local Children's hospital pediatric cardiac department. I wore a dress, heels and brushed my hair.
  • I am now a year older.
  • I've bought fabric for the dining room project.
  • I've bought paint for the back of the bookcases.
  • I've begun an art project.
  • I've not completed any tasks at hand.
  • We (The Daddy) tried to lower the dining room chandy. We found the missing chain links in the garage, but alas! the previous owners CUT THE WIRES so that darn thing can't be lowered. I had resigned myself to living with it, but now...
  • The clutter is slowly, but surely going away. OR at least finding its way out of my sight.
  • We've been slowly transitioning all the leftover "stuff" into the garage, attic and baby's room to make room for construction to begin.
  • Oh, yes! Our construction project. We're in the permitting process. We hope to begin demolition in less than two weeks.
  • I've been promised this addition will be complete before the arrival of Baby C.
  • Speaking of, I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning. Officially 12 weeks along now. Think LIGHT for me as I step on the scale at 9:30 am.
  • I feel pretty good, but I just am tired. That's all I'll say about that.
  • The Crazy Dog tore his ACL a while back. Not sure if I told you about that? He's doing much better and probably won't have the $4,000 surgery to repair it.
  • He no longer has Florida fleas and the cone of shame is in the garage. We've enjoyed a day of no doggie drama as he's been at the "spa" all day getting his teeth cleaned and nails done. Reminds me I need to go pick him up.
  • Here I am as a baby:
  • Did EVERYONE have that apple toy? I know I've seen pictures of The Daddy with it AND Nana STILL HAS IT. (This photo is a result of going through the clutter~also known as MEMORY LANE).
  • This is me as a senior in high school:

  • A few notes: 1. My hair was LONG and RED. 2. I had a waist. 3. Why didn't I smile instead of smirk?
  • I recently discovered I've been applying my deodorant incorrectly for the last two weeks. After a discussion on facebook with friends, it has been confirmed that this is indeed a real possibility. Read the directions, folks. Mine said, "Two clicks per underarm AT NIGHT." Discuss.
  • I can't think of any thing else. Proceed with your day.


Lou Lou said...

I'm a horrible friend. I must have remembered your birthday all 28 days of February then let it slip by once March got here! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Glad you're still older than me :)

Tara G. said...

I just toted my kids across down- no small feat when you consider {Soviet} metros. We had one moment of drama. The exhibition I wanted to see was gone, so it was all for naught. RE:deodorant- I had a Ukrainian once tell me that they were discussing application,too: apply after you begin sweating and stinking or before? Seeing as I can hardly stand the stench on the metro in the summer, I think they've got it wrong.