Art Is Fun Day

AE's school is located in a local church. A beautiful one!

Can you tell we live in Florida?

There is a central courtyard and this view offers a peek into the phenomenal playground area at the school.

When we arrived, the girls got to string some beads to go on their bag. Publix donated bags for the kids to carry all the art projects. Now we have two more grocery bags!

The best thing about the day was HJ got to participate in all the activities with her sister. She can't wait to go to school there too this fall.

First stop: coloring fish.

HJ quickly wrapped up her fish and REALLY wanted to swing and play on the amazing play structure. More art to do, darlin'!

Mrs. Whilhite (AE's teacher), AE and Mrs. House (TA)

What day of art would not be complete to a little girl without a rainbow?

The requisite doorknob art.

She was so proud!

Wikki Stix make good jewelry!

My favorite (and easy!) button art project

Both girls were VERY selective with which buttons would go on her art.

Throwback! Record player art!

Sister even helped.

Time for a SnoCone break in the playhouse

This interaction CRACKED me up! The little boy knew AE's name, but she didn't really know him. He had on a Spider Man t-shirt and awesome cowboy boots. They followed each other around for a while eating their cones.

He was a mess.

She was careful.

This was a butterfly project. Stuff bag full of stuff. Use pipe cleaner to twist the center together and make wings!

AND NOW, HJ you may play!

She loves the swings:

After a little play time, we headed inside for the art show. AE had two creations on display:

I love how proud she is:

Here's a better view of the playground:

As we were leaving, I stopped to get a few shots of the church and the girls played peek-a-boo around this tree.

What does it look like AE is saying? Does it look like she is smelling something gross? Ewwwwwwwww?

Yes. She did. And we found it after she climbed into the car, all the way up to her car seat. IT WAS DOG POO. On her shoe. and the back of the driver's seat, on the car mat, on the bench seat, on her leg, on the car get the idea.


But we still had so much fun.


Tara G. said...

What a fun day!! We've had the dog poo happen before, too, and it was just awful!

Amanda Hoyt said...

looks like much fun was had by all :)
great pics as always!

Lori said...

what fun art projects, gave me some great ideas... now if I had only kept that old record player!! What a wonderful place to go to school.

Kristen Love said...

My favorite picture is the one with your daughter pointing to her artwork-how precious!
What a cool activity! The church is beautiful.

Heather said...

love keeping up with you on your blog! reading it makes me miss you guys!!