Happy Hand-Me-Downs

We did the rain coat dance this afternoon!

AE got her new 4T-5T coat, while HJ was ecstatic to receive the flowery coat AE used to call hers.
The addition of a matching umbrella helped!

AE back on 9/11/2008

What? ME wear hand-me-downs?

Oh! I LIKE the umbrella!

Is anyone watching?

This could be good.

I DO like it!

Miss Fashionista went directly to the dress ups and found some matching froggy rain boots.

Thrilled with her new rain coat!

NOW...all we need is some rain.

But not tomorrow. Or Friday.


Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I love, LOVE matching raincoats and umbrellas! Nothing could be more girly or fun. SO cute!!

susanv said...

We got plenty of rain up here that you can have. I'll send it down your way.

Ann said...

so cute!