Lest You Think Too Much of Our Efforts...

...to be healthy, we also eat junk food. I did not take a picture of the TWO half-eaten bags of jelly beans. I bought two because I couldn't decide which I wanted. NOTE: I said "I wanted"! Starburst and Sweetarts are the two varieties I am sampling. So far, Starburst is winning.

A couple ladies asked if I bought the protein powder that Seleta used in her smoothie recipe. I found the same brand at an awesome local health food store, but I don't think it's the exact same as she had in her link. I searched the link she had to find a store near me.

Here's a picture of what I bought:

I've even had it just mixed with milk. I'll warn you, it's green!


H-Mama said...

Haha! You crack me up. It's all about balance, right? :)

Felicia said...

Oh, Starburst jelly beans are my favorite!! Hope you're feeling good!