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Yes. I've documented my girls eating problems here before. I've taken to finding new stores to shop in and new ways to getting some new HEALTHY food items in their diets.

Smoothies with SPINACH in them:

Y'all! The smoothies have SPINACH IN THEM!
I got the sneaky recipe from Simply Seleta, a very fashionable and chic mom living in Florida. She has a fabulous blog and the recipe can be found HERE.

Straight strawberry is better for us and doesn't have the RASPBERRY SEEDS that made it UNDRINKABLE to AE. I do advise against using a mixed berry version.

A couple ladies asked if I bought the protein powder that Seleta used in her smoothie recipe. I found the same brand at an awesome local health food store, but I don't think it's the exact same as she had in her link. I searched the link she had to find a store near me.

Here's a picture of what I bought:

I've even had it just mixed with milk. I'll warn you, it's green!

So, anyway...

My girls WILL eat fruit but they are obsessed with these two "dried" and "freeze dried" fruits. OBSESSED, I tell you!

Both are from Trader Joe's, and I sadly lament the fact that there is no Trader Joe's in our area. Last weekend when I made that short trip to Atlanta, you can bet I made a dash over there to pick up some rations!

Seriously. I can't drink it, but they are FOOLED.

One of my favorites. HJ's too.

Neither girl has gotten into these, but both have at least tried them. I like them. CRUNCHY!

Apple sauce with carrots hidden inside!

They love the packaging. You just twist off the top, squeeze and suck! (Also from Trader Joe's)

Here are a couple of losers:
I thought these might taste like our favorite All Natural White Cheddar Cheetos, but I was WRONG. HJ ate a whole bowl full after nap time one day. AE spit hers out and cried foul. I ate one and quickly put the bag away.

I've been on a sea salt kick lately, so I bought these. They're not bad, but the girls didn't go for them.

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Lou Lou said...

thanks for the ideas. Ace is getting increasingly picky. I never make it to trader joes, but will make a special trip to try this stuff out. in the spinach shake did you use the same protien powder that lady did? If so, where did you get it?

susanv said...

Lou Lou stole my question. I was going to ask about the protein powder too. Love the healthy snack ideas ... will visit Trader Joe's soon. We get tired of eating goldfish crackers all the time.

Karen said...

I love, love, love Trader Joe's. My daughter will only eat the freeze dried strawberries. Maybe she has a seed aversion like her mama. I wanted to tell you that you can use frozen broccoli in the smoothies also. You really can't tell it's in there. I use the Designer Whey brand protein powder. It's very gentle on tummies, and there are lots of different flavors. I buy mine on Amazon. Have a great weekend!