It Was a Late Evening...

*Warning: this post contains some graphic material. Some will be disgusted. Others will brush it off.

and while watching new homeowners hour, I heard it. Crying.

Creep down the hall to investigate. I found it.

The source. The pitiful and sad source. The vomiting source.


She wasn't done, either.

Have you ever been pregnant and home alone with a vomiting child? I did it. I survived.

Once I got the bed dismantled, the window opened, AE re-bathed and the bed remade, I decided to wait until The Daddy could come to the rescue. After a late day at the office, he arrived on his gleaming white stead to save me from THE SMELL.

Oh, yes. He loves me.

He came home and while AE and I watched American Idol, he rinsed off all towels, pjs, sheets, bedskirt, mattress cover, bathmat, my fluffy pink robe and my comfiest preggo pants. He even got it started in the washing machine. I know. I know. I'm blessed.

Once all the mess and THE SMELL was gone, we deemed it safe to return AE to her bed. Barf. Again.

And now the tears came. Her throat hurt. Her side hurt. Her head was on fire. She was in pain, so off she and The Daddy went to the emergency room.

All is well, though. We've spent the day on the couch while it pours outside. She still has a fever, but just before nap time, I got her to take some Tylenol. The barfing is over, and I'm done ironing the clean sheets.

The Patient

HJ got The Patient a glass of water~all she wants is water

Of course if I do something for one sister, the other one MUST have it too!


Tara G. said...

Yup, puke is puke- doesn't matter if it's your own offspring (liar, liar pants on fire to those who say it's different with your own- more like different because you're obligated!). I stick tissue up my nose. Yes, I seriously do because I dry heave. Anyway, bless her heart and I sure hope she feels better!

Kelli said...

I suddenly "feel" sick after my kids vomit!! I hope your sweetie is feeling much better. She looked pitiful in the pictures!!!

Heather said...

No fun! Side note: My mom always got my sisters and I all set up on the sofa the same way you have your girls, that was the only fun part about being well she took care of us and let us eat on the sofa and watch tv!

Roo and Wren's Mama said...

Oh yucky. And seriously - you iron the sheets? Wow, I'm impressed. :)