Another Tour of My Phone Camera

This Saturday marks an unprecedented event: AE's first soccer practice.

And this outfit constitutes appropriate clothing for such an event:

A couple weeks ago, we got a new couch. It's an L-shaped monster. It's got mighty convenient slipcovers for cleaning. It's mighty big. It's mighty comfy. It MIGHT be where I end up sleeping through the late months of this pregnancy.
See comfiest preggo pants pictured above?

Every once in a while, I enter the girls' room after "nap time" to find a horror scene like this one:
Note the big one blaming the little one. Yes, HJ emptied EVERY. STINKING. DRAWER. Yes, I made them both help me clean it up. Yes, I weeded out some pjs that were too small. I'd been meaning to do that. BUT I was mad!

BUT how can you stay mad at her?

Side note: HJ did it again this week. She cleaned it up all by herself. It took an hour of my "supervising" her to get everything in the correct drawer. I think she rather enjoyed it.

One day while AE was at lunch bunch, I wore HJ out at the mall playground and Borders story time. I may or may not have snuck in a trip to TJMaxx that day too. She LOVES to pretend to be asleep in the car, but that day she actually fell asleep. And yes, she still sucks her thumb.

Y'all! The smoothies have SPINACH IN THEM! I do advise against using a mixed berry version. Straight strawberry is better and doesn't have the RASPBERRY SEEDS that made it UNDRINKABLE to AE. The dresses are from Wal-Mart! $6 organic cotton (not that I worry about buying organic clothes!)


Anonymous said...


Can you e-mail me the smoothie recipe?


Janelle said...

Need smoothie recipe! Need spinach to enter my kids' bodies... :)

Anonymous said...

I've tried the shake, and I really like it! Thanks!