When I Last Left You...

...I alluded to AE's first soccer practice.

Cuteness ensues:
She made some new friends.

She's learning to kick AND follow the ball down the field.

She's excited.

She's steady.

She's windblown.


After AE's sickness and two days of not eating, she had some but not a lot of energy for her first practice. Saturday morning she woke up with an appetite and downed some of The Daddy's banana pancakes, yogurt and juice.

After her practice, we three girls headed up to Atlanta for a little visit with Nana and Papa. I got to go to our old church, shop at Scott's (bought nothing), get the girls' haircut and visit with Mema and Pawpaw.

We just got back yesterday, so today feels like Monday. I've got 27 posts planned in my head for you. We'll see when each one makes its debut. Probably over the next 27 months!

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Carrie said...

She is such a cute little soccer player. I love that she is sporting pink! (: