Destruction is Progress

Before yesterday:

Pulling up the carpet:

Sealing the tomb:

Inside the tomb:
There is a half-bath on the left.

See it? There used to be a pedestal sink in there. We're closing off that door and moving the sink. A new door will let us access the half-bath from the outdoors. Here in Florida, realtors call it a "pool bath."

We don't have a pool, so I'll call it a "playing in the backyard" bath!

See where the door will be? I love how they draw on the exterior of the house.
I also love the trash they leave behind.

Besides ripping out the carpet and pedestal sink, they began tearing up the roof yesterday.
Gutters are gone.

And the circular saw comes out.

Rip it up. Tear it up.

Dude in doorway not sure what he's supposed to be doing.

They cut out the existing roof to make room for the shower and new roof line.

Gorgeous construction fencing

Raw edges

Calculations for?

It was a beautiful day here.

I think they are coming back today.

At least I hope so. They left something on the roof!

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Tara G. said...

Awesome! I bet your girls are fascinated! We have an old Soviet building next to us going through some sort of renovation- cranes, brick laying, all sorts of stuff that my boy LOVES.