Monday Update

Random list of things on my mind:
  • Tomorrow, I will be 20 weeks along with Baby C.
  • I've got the jimmy legs at night. They're itchy. They're restless. I've NEVER had this problem before in my previous pregnancies.
  • For the last week or so, we've been finding random holes in our front yard.
  • Last night we (The Crazy Dog) found the culprit, an ARMADILLO!
  • It is really hard to watch 3/4-year-old children "play" soccer.
  • The Daddy hung my new double curtain rod for me this weekend. The walls here in Florida are...difficult.
  • I need to do a quick little hem on one set of curtains. After I do that, I'll show you what we hung and explain to you my delight! I'm already decorating for Christmas in my mind!
  • It stormed last night and scared AE to tears. The Daddy got up with her in the middle of the night. God bless him.
  • The sun is shining now.
  • HJ is potty trained*. (*means we have mastered the pee-pee, not the poopie)
  • I'm on a cleaning, ironing and organizing rampage.
That's all for this Monday morning. The toilets are calling my name.

And the children.

1 comment:

Tara G. said...

get her on a trike- it strengthens the muscles; I promise, my boy got it all down in a month as soon as he began pedaling.