Take Me Captive!

The Daddy and I celebrated our 8th anniversary together by taking a vacation without the girls. This trip is our new tradition: instead of buying each other gifts, we will go on a trip together.

I like it!

With Nana and Papa in town to care for the girls, we drove on down to the western coast of Florida. We went to Captiva Island, just north of Sanibel. The resort we stayed at was perfect. Good food. Clean rooms. Beautiful scenery. Lots of activities!

Our room wasn't far from where this picture was taken. See my belly? Bigger than it should be. When you see me in person, I KNOW it's not that big!

As soon as we got there, our room wasn't ready. What do you do? Head to the spa for a pedicure!

The next morning, I accompanied The Daddy for a short 9-hole par-3 course.

I drove the cart and took pictures.


Summertime toes

Doesn't he look professional?

I love how you can see the ball up in the air in this shot and the sand spraying up!

While we were on the island, we enjoyed spotting many, many animals:

Didn't see a manatee.

Lots of birds:

The dolphins were everywhere. I almost became used to seeing them!

Never saw a tortoise.

Stopped here to hike and look for gators:

This is the only gator we saw. See the tail tracks? Looks like two gators passed across the trail here!

The water around the island is GORGEOUS!

There I am para sailing!
Just kidding.

To celebrate our anniversary, we headed out to The Mad Hatter.
Ironically, Nana just bought the girls Alice in Wonderland and they watched it while we were gone!

Just to let you know how delicious this meal was, here's what I had:
  • Water to drink (boy, how I wanted a nice glass of wine!)
  • Goat Cheese Pillows to start
  • Marinated Crab claws (compliments of the chef)
  • Bread with a pesto and tomato spread
  • The Spiced Watermelon Salad
  • Black Truffle Sea Scallops
  • Classic Creme Brulee
I'm so sorry you weren't there! Dining seaside while the sun set made us long to return, but the food was reason enough to go back!!!!

Of course while we were there, we enjoyed a few beautiful sunsets on the beach.

Best of all while we were gone, construction/destruction began on our addition! In 60-90 days, we should have a new master suite. The new KING SIZE bed couldn't come at a better time...


Janelle said...

Gorgeous!! Glad y'all got away.....what a great tradition. Will need to talk with Chris about establishing that in our house as well...

Lisa said...

Beautiful! Great tradition...good for all involved.

Ann said...

What a great way to celebrate your anniversary!