Phriday Photo

The Target $1 section at the entrance beckons me every time!

Before Easter I wanted to get a couple of the $1 "Butterfly Nets" for the girls' Easter baskets, but I had them both with me at Target that day. I couldn't sneak them into the basket like I usually do certain surprises. Come back and get them later?

Return to store. ONLY ONE LEFT. Discard idea.

Before HJ's party, I thought they would make GREAT party favors for a girl or boy. All one would have to do is tie pink ribbons on for the girls and blue ribbons for the boys. (or no ribbons, I guess!)

Return to store. NONE. Scrap idea.

Today, I ran in for trash bags and pull-ups. Guess what they had?

Please notice I bought three. Also, please notice I tied pink ribbon on ALL THREE!

Yes, come September we will have three girls!


Felicia said...

So excited for you guys! I'm sure she will be as beautiful and precious as her two sisters! So good to talk to you the other day. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Tara G. said...

Congratulations! What fun to pull some darling little girl clothes out again! They're just so fun to dress!!!