Small Details

Current Master Bedroom BEFORE:

Current Master Bedroom AFTER:

What's different? Besides the new flooring, we also had new doors installed throughout the house. It's a small difference, but it helped update our 50's rancher that had the original plain hollow doors everywhere!

Up next for the current Master: it will become our guest suite! We are adding on to the back of the existing bonus room to make a new Master Suite. The ball is rolling and hopefully in 60-90 days, the project will be complete.

I have a few plans for this guest suite:
  • Paint walls Sherwin Williams' Sea Salt (gorgeous!)
  • Store Christmas and other holiday items in one of the huge closets
  • Store small desk with sewing machine in other huge closet-hopefully there will be enough room for guests to hang clothing
Right now the foundation concrete is drying and I'll show you what's happening back there tomorrow!


Tara G. said...

The doors make a huge difference! Can't wait to see your little home makeover!!

Lindy said...

I painted my bedroom Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams 18 months ago and have never regretted it. I think it just may be my favorite color ever!