A New Project

Here's the tell-tale sign that there is some construction going on in some one's yard:
Our town has a slight obsession with the live oaks, so "protective" fencing MUST be erected before any and all renovations or construction. Even the city's arborist came out to assess the tree and determine the validity of the "protective" fencing.

We've got two of these trees in our yard, so we've got two fences. Honestly, it's nice to live somewhere where there is community pride and standards. Right now, we also have a dumpster and port-o-let in the front driveway. NICE!

So come on in. And yes, the mailman does walk up to our front door to deliver the mail!
Did I ever show you the beautiful planters and flowers Nana and Papa gave me for my birthday? Aren't they just the perfect welcome to a visitor?

Here's a picture of the back of our house from the MLS listing:
The room that juts out is the bonus room that we are adding on to and converting to a new master suite.

Inside the room, the window on the left will disappear and the window on the right will become a new doorway into the new bathroom and closet.

While The Daddy and I were gone to Captiva Island, they broke up the existing concrete and set the footers for the foundation.

Last week the plumbers came and got all the necessary items placed where they belong.
You can see the spot for the shower in the foreground here, big white pipe for the WC, and the stuff on the left is for the new tub.

Then all the rebar was set in to reinforce the concrete.

This morning, two little girls enjoyed watching the big concrete truck pull up and do its magic.

Pouring it in,
and smoothing it out.

HJ set up shop to observe.

Ta-da! Pipe on left is the new shower.

Big pipe closest to you is the WATER CLOSET. Ahem.

Directly through the new door, you'll see the new bathtub. IT'S A WING-DINGER! I'll let you live in suspense to see it. Let's just say that my 7-8 month pregnant self will INDULGE as soon as possible in that baby!

The tall, white pipes opposite one another will be our sinks. One vanity for me. One vanity for The Daddy. Hurrah!
And this end will be the new walk-in closet.

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Tara G. said...

This is going to be amazing!! I love how you had an open mind when you were shopping to be able to make additions or whatever to get what you wanted in your price range and in the right neighborhood!!

We have a jet tub in our bathroom but the security people from the embassy disconnected it- something to do with it not be electrically grounded the right way. Yeah, bummer.