Holy Shingles!

The new gable:

So cute! So welcoming!

On the home front, The Daddy and The Crazy Dog oversaw further progress on our addition while the girls and I were away. Last week our roof was "dried in," the plumbers came, the electricians came and the plumbers came again for a little mishap on Thursday morning. Good thing The Daddy was there and got the water turned off!

This afternoon the shingles for the roof were delivered. I mistakenly told the guys they could just put it in the front yard. He said, "No. We're going up there!" while pointing to the roof.

They used a nifty conveyor belt to send each package up:

Last Wednesday morning, The Daddy, HJ and I made some cabinet, counter top and tile selections:

The cabinets are the same color as our hardwood floors, even though the floors in the bathroom are going to be the travertine tile pictured.

Here's a close up of the cabinet and counter top choices:
We chose silestone instead of granite because the color is so much more uniform, and it reacts better to water.

Here is a close up of the marble accent tiles for the shower:

Love our selections!

We'll use varying sizes for the floor, shower walls and shower floor.

So exciting! 5-6 weeks left now...

I'll tell you all about the girls' and my getaway tomorrow. I've got a million and one items on my to do list, and a little while left during nap time to get at least that ONE done!


Tara G. said...

So exciting!!!

Lauren said...

Looks like fun! We love picking out tile...and my husband loves laying it! How exciting!

missy said...

i've noticed you are great with decorating. we are updating our kitchen a bit. wanna advise me? there's a picture of the kitchen on my blog post today (in the background of a scary arm hair picture). i don't like oak, but i worry about painting it. the look i like is a cottage look...wainscoting, etc. advise away!