I'm Away! I'm Back!

Coming to you from the tired mind of one PREGNANT lady...

On Wednesday the girls and I packed ourselves up and scooted out of town! After we picked AE up from school, we headed up I-75 to Nana and Papa's house. The plan was for Nana and Papa to get some good, quality time together and they did.

On the front porch with Renegade the horse

(Remember Renegade's trip to Sea World? This Renegade is a little different, but the idea is the same.)

Putting together a BIG princess puzzle

Enjoying the BIG surprise from Nana and Papa

The tent lights up in the dark!

Thursday, Nana and I went crazy at the outlets buying up all the baby boy things.

Friday, I headed even further north up to my home state, Tennessee for some girl time!

I know I told you my friend Tausha is pregnant
and due on the same day as us, but there are FIVE of us preggos in my little ADPi group of girlfriends from college. All four of my friends are pregnant with their first babies, and we are celebrating one friend this weekend, Julie. See how different we all look pregnant!

Gretchen~11/19, Tausha~9/14, me~9/14, Julie~8/15 and Kara~8/2
(Lined up according to due date!)

The shower luncheon was held at The Belle Meade Plantation, a place I often went for field trips. I think I remember learning how to churn butter there!

Now there is a beautiful barn, darling gift shop and cafe on the plantation where you can hold events. The plantation is used for many Nashville weddings. I would have loved to get some pictures of the grounds and main house, but the weather was quite iffy. As a matter of fact the picture of the five of us was taken just as it started to rain!

LOOK at these darling centerpieces!

Delicious dessert

Here's the whole group of us ladies. They put us preggos in the front! The two sweet girls in the picture are Julie's nieces, Patton and Emerson. ADPi legacies!

After a great time catching up with girlfriends, I headed back to the ATL to rest for a day before making the trek all the way back to Florida. We girls are glad to be home again with The Daddy!


susanv said...

Sorry we couldn't meet up this weekend, but sounds like you were busy. Plus, my kid-free weekend turned into a weekend of single parenting a sick little boy (with a stomach bug). Yuck!! Stay far away from us!

Tara G. said...

What fun!!!

Jamie said...

All those beautiful baby bellies together in one place! That plantation is gorgeous, too; I'd love to go there!