It's Already Hot

Last night I promised the girls a surprise, so this morning instead of getting dressed, they put on swimsuits and "beach dresses."

Then I took them to an estate sale in our neighborhood!
They were troopers! We missed out on this sweet bench that would have made a great coffee table/place to put your feet up. IT WAS $55! A cute young couple snatched it up right after I took this picture.

I did make a purchase for our new baby boy's room. Really all we needed was a couple of things to "man up" the space and some curtains. I found the perfect "manly" things! Show them to you tomorrow, m'kay?

After our purchase, the girls got their surprise:
A trip to the local splash pad!

It's small, but half-shaded so you don't HAVE TO put sunscreen on the kids.

There are park benches and picnic tables, but we didn't bring our lunch today.
AE giving the water "high-fives"

All wet!

So happy!


Lindsey said...

Love that bench/table! Great find!! I love good finds like that!! YAY!

Tara G. said...

Fun!! There is no way my kids could do that here. ANd so if we can get a waiver for some tickets we're to be given once during this tour, we're coming back in July for a month. It's a little early, but hubs has a 3 week class and we're not staying here for a month alone in the hot summer when every one of our friends leaves!