My Good Fortune

I have a new neighbor who calls me when something cool is going down. She also watches my girls when I need her to save me. She is awesome!

Yesterday, Stephanie called to let me know that there was an estate sale just down the street from us, and would I like to go?

Uh, YES!

So, here is the ONE purchase I made. There were five I COULD HAVE made if my pockets were deeper.

These two framed train prints are for our new baby boy's room:

The mat is a charming ticking stripe.

The frame is a beautiful distressed wood, painted black.

The Governor Standard:

The Minnetonka:


And here they sit amongst the chaos of the baby's room:

  • 8 chairs
  • 1 chaise lounge
  • 2 ottomans
  • 1 bassinet
  • 1 dog hair-covered quilt and dog bed
  • 1 computer and desk
  • too many boxes to count ( I can't even bear to show you the closet stacked full of boxes)

The good news is that in 6-8 weeks, we will be able to clear out this "holding room" and get it in order.

I am thanking The Good Lord that only ONE wall in this room is red. Four walls of that strong of a color would make me skerrrrred! It appears brighter here than in person and it works pretty well with what we've got going on for the nursery. So now on to making valances...wait, I spy the half-way done dining room curtains stashed in the crib! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Got to finish those before I buy any MORE fabric!

Don't remember what our nursery looked like? CHECK IT OUT HERE.

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Lauren said...

Love the train prints. Those are precious for a baby boy's room!
I love old fun antique stuff! Estate sales are so much fun...I can always find something there!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Those prints are adorable!! And I have the same room dilemma with our newest addition- except that there is ANOTHER CHILD living in there right now who doesn't know he's about the get the boot. But I'm hoping the bunk beds and getting to sleep in the same room as his brother will soften the blow. Can't wait to be updated on your nursery!!

Janelle said...

LOVE the train prints!! You always stumble across the best stuff!

Emily said...

Hey Carey,

Mom is here with me and she keeps commenting on how beautiful your family is! She said to tell you, "Hey!" and I am sending her a link to your blog so she can follow you.


Jennifer said...

I love the train prints! Too cute!

Natasha said...

Those prints are just fabulous and they will look great in that room. What a perfect choice for a little boy's room too!

Best wishes,

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

These train prints are just perfect for the room...great find!


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Cute, cute, that's going to be an adorable little boy's room. HOpe you are doing well down there!

Ms. Bake-it said...

The train prints are great and they will look fabulous in the nursery. Speaking of the nursery, your bassinet is fabulous!

~ Tracy

Wendy said...

Really cute! I love the mats.