I'm a Mother

If I'm really being honest, I started this post back near Mother's Day. Last year.

I also kinda feel bad that I missed blogging on Mother's Day. Last year.

It's a day that I used to dread. Mother's Day.

I've talked just a little about my mom here on this little blog, but I don't know that I've ever done her justice. After recently organizing family photos, I scanned in a few of my favorites of my mom.

My mom was the mom that all my friends loved.

My mom with her cousin, Tom

My mom was a talented needle-artist. She cross-stitched like a mad woman. It was perfectly done on both sides of the fabric. Almost where you could flip it over and not exactly be sure which side was supposed to go on top.

My mom (right) with her sister Judy (left)

My mom stayed up late and slept in only after getting up to make my dad his breakfast every morning.

My mom with cousin Tom again

My mom always gave me so much confidence. She bolstered me with all the love that made me never doubt myself.

My mom grew up in Minnesota.

My mom used to drive my friends and me to the grocery store late at night for sleep-over sustanance. Then she'd drive us by all the cute boys' houses.

My mom just after having my older brother Matthew

My mom had an incredible sense of style. Way ahead of her time.

My mom was in the car with me (driving) when I had my first kiss. Pretty funny!

My mom got a job at The Limited when I was in middle school: 1. so we could get a discount on clothes and 2. so we could get a discount on clothes. Remember Outback Red and Forenza?

My mom in a bridesmaid dress that I used to play dress up in~I still have it!

My mom had an affinity that I share to this day for Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

My mom smoked. For a long time.

I lost my mom when I was fifteen, but I feel like I'm getting to know her on a totally different level now that I am a mother. My appreciation for her deepens each day I spend with my girls. Her love for me still shines, and I miss her everyday.

Happy Mother's Day to y'all, and give your mama a hug for me!


Lisa said...

Very nice tribute. Mother's Day is a very painful day for so many, on many levels.

Happy Day to you!

Tara G. said...

She seems absolutely lovely! And I do remember Outback Red and Forenza- I thought I was so cool! Thank you for sharing your heart- this was precious!

Lauren said...

Such a sweet story. Happy Mother's Day to you!! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! I love your old pictures. That must bring back wonderful memories for you. Have yourself a great day.

Jamie said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your mom with us. Wonderful old photos.

(hugs) to you!

The Harris' said...

That was wonderful! I have been thinking of you today on this special day! You look like your mom. I really enjoyed reading about her.

Lou Lou said...

Whoa! You look a lot like your mom, esp. in the first picture!!! Happy Mothers Day friend.

Lou Lou said...

Whoa! You look a lot like your mom, esp. in the first picture!!! Happy Mothers Day friend.

Felicia said...

What a sweet and precious tribute to your mom! I have never seen a picture of your mom...you look so much like her. Thank you for sharing your heart!

Todd and Randi said...

Thanks for sharing about your mom! I know how hard it is to be transparent. I loved seeing all of the pictures and realizing how much you favor her!

Heather said...

What a beautiful and stylish woman she was...and thank you for sharing with us!

Krysta said...

What a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your memories and your heart with us. I can see where you got your sense of great style. Happy Mother's Day.

Erin said...

Carey-I finally have time to ready your blog! I love that you shared your heart with us. Thank you!!! I must look like your mom too :)

missy said...

i am just now seeing this post. what a lovely woman and a great mom. i am sorry that you didn't have her longer.

courtney said...

this is so beautiful. i am so glad you shared. you are making her so so proud and a wonderful mother. xoxo