Last Day Party

HJ and I headed back up to school for an end of the year party in AE's class today.

There was food (my kids~not interested) and games and an art project.

HJ had a blast exploring the centers,

and AE had a blast telling her about everything she'll get to do there this Fall.

The teachers got a present, a potted plant and envelope of ca$h.

I guess HJ still has a lot to learn about photography.

E-v-e-r-y-d-a-y HJ has mourned the loss of her sister to the world of preschool. Today she even cried and would not get out of the car when we returned home after dropping AE off. We've been talking a lot about school this Fall, and HJ just doesn't get that it will still be a while before she gets to go.

Me? I'm just glad they both look forward to and love going to school!

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