I'd Love to Tell You More...

but I'm just tired.

Yesterday morning marked our first day with no preschool. Thankfully, we have friends from Georgia visiting the wonderful world of Disney! If you come here, you may just want to give us a shout because we will gladly come and keep you company at the pool. These friends were staying at the Polynesian Resort, so I was happy to bring two pool-starved children to bask in the sun at a zero entry pool with a straight shot view to Cinderella's castle.

On the docket for the summer:
  • The Y, The Y, The Y- three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday
  • Swimming lessons in June
  • Fun with Nana and Papa in July
  • A trip or two to Poppy's
Last summer, I had a much more regimented schedule, but this summer is loosey-goosey. We have friends (with a pool) down the street, passes to Sea World, a great splash pad in town, a wonderful program at our local library, scenic boat tours, AND friends coming to visit soon.

Since we have friends coming to visit, I hope to report on a finished addition soon. The last week has yielded air ducting, new shingles, new exterior doors and windows, as well as any remaining trim work needed prior to putting up the drywall. Rumor has it that once the drywall is up, the rest of the project should go very quickly. We'll see.

One of the most exciting developments for this pregnant body is our latest purchase for the new master: a king size bed. Can't. Wait. For. This. Project. To. Be. Done. so I can get in it!

And because I can't let you go without some cuteness:

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

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