The Gulf Coast Edition

Last Friday after my latest doctor's appointment, we made our first trek over to the Gulf Coast from our new home. Although we are now in the same state, the trip to Poppy's house is actually LONGER.

On Saturday, we headed straight for the beach.

HJ contemplating the water

Poppy trying to persuade her in

AE got right in with NO fear

Bright sun

Poppy makes progress

And The Daddy carries her in

Smiles abound

After a short trip to the pool Sunday morning, we had some rain showers. When it started to clear up, The Daddy took the girls fishing.

Waiting her turn

The only fish we caught

After fishing we headed out for a ride on Poppy's boat.

On our ride over to the yacht club, we got to see some beautiful houses.

Once we made it over to the yacht club, we docked and made the rounds with Poppy's friends.
The point at the yacht club

Once we returned from our fun ride, the girls got in the pool again and Poppy grilled out some burgers and dogs for our al fresco dining experience on his patio.

Yesterday we spent about 9 hours in the car taking the scenic route home along the coast. Won't be taking that route again! The ride was beautiful along the water, but once we got off the coast, all there was to look at was forest.

The girls and The Crazy Dog are such good travelers though. 15+ hours in the car and no tantrums, no accidents and no TV!

Now, that's a miracle!


H-Mama said...

15+ hours in the car and no TV? Really? I'm speechless.

Almost. ;) Beautiful pictures... and I'm sure wonderful memories were made.

Tara G. said...

SO fun!!!! I can't wait to enjoy CLEAN America!