How 'Bout Some Color(s)?


Here's a glimpse of the interior colors for our renovations:

Sherwin Williams
Sea Salt~ The Half Bath

Chasm still there with a mysterious roll of toilet paper?

Love this soothing blue!

Can you picture the crisp, white toilet and pedestal sink against the soft blue?

Sherwin Williams
Ancient Marble~ The Master Bath

This soft green is a step up (on the sample card) from the color we chose for the master bedroom.

Sherwin Williams
Grassland~ Master Bedroom

Big room=big bucket o' paint

That's all I'm giving you today. The sky just opened up again this afternoon, so I was lucky to get in and get these pictures for you.

Can't wait to show you more!


Amy R said...

I love all of those colors! I might use Sea Salt for our bathroom. I was thinking Comfort Grey, but I really like yours.

Tara G. said...

You're going to be living in your own spa! Love it! Oh, I can't wait to paint again!

Carrie said...

Such pretty colors! I can't wait to see more.

Lindsey said...

Great choices!! Look forward to seeing when you are done! I SO need to paint in my house!!