Peacock, Peacock, What Do You Hear?

Because The Daddy had to go to a business dinner tonight, the girls and I were left to our own devices. At eight o'clock, I told them to get their pjs on and hop in the car.

Of course, what do a three-year-old and four-year-old ask?


We're going on a peacock hunt!

In the neighborhood next to ours, there is a nature preserve where The Daddy and I have both spotted peacocks. Last night I took the girls out for a walk while The Daddy ran, and we looked in their normal hangout. No sightings.

Tonight, I decided to just get in the car and drive over. No such luck. Again!

Then I remembered that on the other side of the lake is another entrance to the nature preserve. Why not drive over there?

Cute sign just outside the neighborhood

And then we found him!

He was just out for a stroll and stopped for a drink of water.

Then my lens began to fog up from the humidity.

He crossed the street and headed back to the preserve.

He flighted up to the top of the gate and back down on the inside of the preserve.

Then he gave a serious call to his females! He usually is hanging out with two.

If you saw the movie Up, he sounded just like that crazy bird who liked chocolate!

These pictures were taken at about 8:30 pm, and thankfully today is the Summer Solstice, otherwise they would have been even blurrier!

The girls were delighted and so in awe that we finally found the peacock!

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Tara G. said...

I love it!!!!!!!! What a fun mama and a great memory! There was one strutting around the patio when we ate at this awesome Tartar cafe on vacation- he had a girl, too, and it took the kids a while to get used to the noise!