One Month Later

Back in May, I went to Nashville for a baby shower for Julie.

Last weekend I went back to Nashville for a surprise baby shower for Tausha and a baby shower brunch for Kara. I had the luxury this time of flying (and got bumped up to first class!) to Tennessee instead of driving all the long way from Florida.

Remember that I am pregnant along with four of my good college girlfriends?
Here we all are a month later.

Gretchen (barely showing)
Tausha (same due date as me)
Moi (the shortest in the bunch)
Julie (picked me up from the airport)
Kara (wore a string bikini at the lake later that day)

Personal observations:
  1. We all look much more alive in the more recent picture. At least I do.
  2. Could it be the more obvious "glow"?
  3. We all rocked some cute shoes last weekend.
  4. It never matters how long we go without talking, we pick up right where we left off.
  5. Food and laughter go together.
Can't wait until Kara welcomes little Finley into the world!


susanv said...

okay. I don't believe that Gretchen is really pregnant. She must not be very far along yet.

I remember that first pregnancy and taking forever to show and wanting to show so badly ... not so with the third as you well know!!

Amy R said...

How fun to be pregnant with your friends. My friend Erin & I were pregnant at the same time and I love a picture we have together.