Nothing To Do

Because the girls are with Nana and Papa for the week, it would seem to most people that I have nothing to do.

So far this week I've been working on AE's 5th birthday party. It's in September, but will be held a mere two weeks after Baby C arrives. That said, I've completed all the shopping and most of the planning for the party. I've found great deals and even made something cool. Ten somethings.

Here's a hint:

I've gotten the invitations, the plates, napkins, decorations, serving dishes, tablecloths, half the favors and the guest list done.

Best thing about planning and buying now is, the expenses of a party will be dispersed over a couple of months. Once September rolls around, our only expense SHOULD be food.

Another thing we planned on getting done while the girls were away was moving into our new, renovated and completed master suite.

Bad news came today.

The bathroom vanity cabinets will not be ready until July 26th.

Yes, the cabinets that were ordered in MAY.

Without the cabinets, the countertops can't be installed, nor the mirrors, nor the sconces, nor the shower door, etc.

I cried.

The Daddy told the contractor that any news like that should definitely go to him first. Smart man.

I joked when we started this project that as long as it was done before the baby gets here (sometime in the first week of September) I would be happy.

And I will be. I'm just not right now.

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Audra said...

I would hate to be a contractor-it seems they are just filled with 'bad news'. The end result will be worth it! :)