With Bad News Comes The Silver Lining?

With the delay in our renovation completion, you may be wondering, what is done?

The flooring, the tile, the painting, some lighting, the half bath, the tub (oh, my word THE TUB!).

I've been meeting with people to cover the windows and organize our closet. Good news: we have time to get these things DONE before we move into the space.

We also ordered furniture for the bedroom while we were in Atlanta. We took advantage of the outlets in Dawsonville and found some pretty bedding, too.

Here's the headboard that lays in waiting in our foyer:
(not what our duvet cover or shams look like)

The slipcover and bed skirt is made of this pretty, natural linen:

I love that the headboard is a slipcover, so if we ever change our minds or need to clean it, we're set.

We also ordered a tall chest:

A bedside chest:

And a nightstand:

I feel pretty good with our decisions. The Daddy and I spent the day at Scott's Antique Market, but decided to go with brand new furniture instead. I enjoyed spending the day with him admiring all the pretty things and seeing what kinds of stuff he was interested in at the market.

Of course we only went antique shopping after indulging in his favorite BBQ at Fox Bros. in Atlanta. Their fried okra is reason enough alone to go. They fry the whole okra instead of cutting it up into segments and it will leave you full and happy. They used to have deep fried mac n' cheese, but it wasn't on the menu anymore. My man got the tater tots and regular mac n' cheese with his pulled pork. I indulged in the cole slaw and okra with mine.

But before the carb fest began, we ate the jalapeno poppers, stuffed with BBQ pulled pork and served with ranch. LIKE. NO. OTHER.

After that kind of a meal, a day of walking through aisle after aisle of antiques was in store.

And I didn't feel one bit guilty. Especially since we didn't buy anything.


H-Mama said...

Yes, I'll take one of each, too! Love all of your choices. Of course, antique shopping is fun as well. ;)

Abbie said...

I LOVE everything you've chosen! When you're all finished will you invite me over to Ooo and Aww at your house!?